About Us

Our mission is to educate the whole person in spirit, mind and body; allowing our children to positively impact the world around them.  

Our Story

Adelfiha’s Christian Academy was born out of a vision of Pastor Rosenda James who believed that life had become increasingly complicated for our children and their parents. Public Schools have ceased to provide our children with a well-rounded education, including the Biblical standards of which she was taught. Since society has ceased to embrace our values where God is central, prayer is essential and the commandments are the standard of morality;  Adelfiha has become an alternative for every parent who desires a Christian environment for their children’s education.

Monument of God’s Love

The name Adelfiha means “A monument of God’s Love” and is the middle name of its founder and administrator Pastor Rosenda James. She believes that Adelfiha will progress and become a monument to be remembered by all as the place where the love of God is seen in the lives of the faculty as well as the students. We are committed to working in partnership with the families of our school understanding our shared commitment to the student’s upbringing. This commitment is expressed in a mutual desire to see student’s character transformed to reflect the image of Jesus Christ, thus impacting the world.

Our Facilities

  • Exceptional facilities 
  • Clean (covid ready)
  • Safe and secure environment 

Extracurricular Activities

Adelfiha Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Through this membership, Adelfiha is able to compete in Competitive Intramural Sports.

Adelfiha Christian Academy is also affiliated with MAJJI School of Music.

Excellent academics with proven results

ACA has earned many distinctions for providing bible based Christian education. Our proven record of traditional approach to teaching and learning produces superior results.

Low tuition

ACA offers very competitive and low rates. Call the office for more information and ask about our multiple student discount.

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