Mission & Vision

 Developing Christian character in our students, promoting excellence in academic and personal integrity.

Mission Statement

Educate the whole Person; Spirit, Mind and Body.

    Vision Statement

    Adelfiha Christian Academy will develop students with a passion towards excellence in Christian education; fostering spiritual growth and the pursuit of academic excellence.

    Spiritual Growth


    • Each student knows God as creator and author of all truth
    • Each student knows the true meaning of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrates a Christ-like spirit
    • Each student knows God’s word and it’s doctrine
    • Each student knows his/her personal identity and self worth
    • Each student practices Christian disciplines including prayer and worship
    • Each student demonstrates self-discipline, responsibility and submission to God and all Biblical authority
    • We are all uniquely created, possessing gifts enabling us to reflect on and act within God’s plan and Word 
    • Each student treats all people with respect and love regardless of any differences
    • Each student makes an impact in the world for the glory of God, demonstrating the power in a relationship with Jesus Christ



    Academic Goals

    • Develop study skills and disciplines enabling them to become life long learners
    • Work cooperatively with others in an academic environment
    • Demonstrate thinking skills for the application of knowledge


    Contact Us

    Adelfiha's Christian Academy
    4340 Dufferin St, North York,
    ON M3H 5R9

    Tel: (416) 633-5440
    Fax: (416) 630-2547
    Email: info@adelfiha.ca

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