Preschool Registration Form


Does the child have special custody?

Does the child have a Legal Guardian? (e.g. Relative or friend)

Able to pick up all children in the family

Able to pick up all children in the family

In the event of an emergency or when prior arrangements have been made, I hereby consent the contacts listed above to pick up my child(ren) from Adelfiha’s Childcare Centre.

As part of our program, from time to time, the staff may find it appropriate to take the children for a walk in the local neighbourhood to nearby parks. Because these walks are often spontaneous, we are subject to existing weather conditions and advance notice is not always possible. Your signature indicates your approval of your child’s participation in these adventures. On the occasion Adelfiha’s Childcare leaves the centre on a field trip, a permission form will be issued with prior notice.

Throughout the year the staff at Adelfiha’s Childcare will be taking pictures of the children involved in many activities. These pictures will remain at the centre and/or may be sent home with the child.

Emergency Medical treatment may be given to my child due to accident, illness, or other emergency. I hereby give permission that in case of any emergency, if I am not immediately available, emergency transportation to the nearest hospital will be arranged by a staff member through 911.

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